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Kat Sung is a 3D designer, animator and artist based in Los Angeles. Driven by her delight for the fantastical, she looks to imagine new worlds and create enchanting and embellished artifacts.

Updated: 7/15/24





  • 3D ART


  • Blender
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • After Effects

Designed and coordinated production of Graphite Journal’s 14th issue “Pocket”. Final deliverables include custom numbers and font, book, poster/dust jackets, stickers, and video.

Graphite is a Los Angeles-based student arts organization dedicated to producing critical and creative projects in an integrated physical and digital space. Formed in 2009, the organization is supported by the Hammer Museum.

Theme brief:

    We are requesting something that might have slipped your mind.
Dig around. A cinched treasure. A stolen good. What does a chipmunk hide in their cheeks? A gull?

   Yellow crud at the warmest end of a shell's spiral. Dive after it. A gem, glass blown. Nodes and glands. White mycelium in dirt. Opening of a riffle shuffle. The four chambers of your heart.

    Your house. Their house. Their bed. Your bed. Did you lose the note I left for you? What drops along your path from your loosely woven coat? What guides you home? What has crept in? Who lives in the bottom of your sleeping bag?

Are pockets reliable?

Imagine a room full of all the things you've ever misplaced. What if you could find it all? Bring it all back to life? Recalcify whatever has grown vague in the depths of your keepings. We are learning to keep things close to the chest. Breast pocket? The bottom of a t-shirt used as a pail for collectibles.

Part the sea of lavender velvet or sweaty polyester or oiled wood and examine a pocket deflated. Inflated. Shallow or deep? Walking hand-in-pocket to hand-in-pocket. Is that physically feasible or just movie magic? Hot blue denim. Dusty blush and a plunge. Linted impropriety. Cavity. Hole.

"Damn girl, is that a GRAPHITE in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" What is inside the wolfs belly once you've been swallowed whole? Does light filter in? Is it warm?


Rediscover what is in your pocket. How is the lump of your secret interpreted by an unknowing eye? We understand if you have locked it away for good. We'd love a hint though.

- 6"x 6"
- 132 pages, white paper
- perfect bind
- blind emboss on front & back cover
- fine eggshell paper cover
  - 24” x 12” satin coated sheet poster
Printed by Typecraft